We got puppies!

Arrow became father of 8 Tervueren-Puppies on the 14th of july. Carina vom Erlendeipen (Owner: Weizdörfer Heinrich) whelped 5 bitches and 3 dogs. You can find further information on the breeder’s website:

About us

We, Brigitte and August Zach, live with both our Terevueren males in Luftenberg, Upper Austria. In 1994, we got our first Belgian Shepherd dog, Festos von der Waldfeenhöhe, a Groenendael male.

Six years later Terevueren female Ondra von der Waldfeenhöhe moved in with us.

In 2005 we brought home Zany Juvell z Kovárny from breeder Hana Pisarĉíková of Czech Republic. That’s how three Belgian Shepherd dogs lived for about three years with us.

In the year 2008 we had to say goodbye to Festos, who lived to be 14 years old.


Not long after Ondra died in October 2010, we decided to get another Terevueren dog. That’s how Azure Arrow z Kovárny found a new home at our place at the beginning of this year.